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We are open Mon - Sat 9am to 4pm. For larger orders please call 812-473-3663 to confirm your pickup time. Regular order will be available in about 20 minutes.


Catering Menu

Please call 812.475.3000 for all your catering needs. We are happy to assist you. This includes catering and lunch catering.

Salad Samplers

All salad plates are served with choice of french bread or a fresh baked dill roll.

Maxine's Sampler

A hearty serving of one of our chicken salads plus your choice of 1 or 2 salads.

Vegetarian Sampler

Choose From any of our salads except chicken salad.

Salad Plates

All salad plates are served with choice of french bread or a fresh baked dill roll.

Maxine's House Chicken Salad


Tender Chunks of White Meat Tossed with a Honey-Mustard-Mayo Dressing.

Maxine's Vegetable Chicken Salad


White Breast Meat, Artichoke Hearts, Broccoli & Celery Tossed in a Country Dijon Vinaigrette.

Maxine's Curry Chicken Salad


Tender Chunks of White Meat, Golden Raisins & Celery Tossed in a Curry-Mayo Dressing.

Pesto Tortellini


Al Dente Cheese-Filled Tortellini with a traditional Basil Pesto Sauce.

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta


Bowtie Pasta Tossed with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto & Goat Cheese.

Pasta Primavera


Radiatore Pasta mixed with Broccoli, Carrots, Red & Green Bell Pepper, Artichoke Hearts & Black Olives Tossed with Fresh Parsley & our Tarragon Vinaigrette Dressing.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad


Tri-Colored Pasta, Black Olives, Red Bell Pepper, Capers & Feta Cheese, all tossed with Fresh Mint, Oregano & Lemon Zest and a Mild Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing.

Dill Potato Salad


Tender Red Bliss Potatoes, Celery & Sweet Onion Tossed in a Dill Mayo Dressing.

Asian Noodles


Linguini Pasta with Peanuts, Sweet Onions, Julienne Carrots & Fresh Cilantro. And a Chili Orange Oil Dressing.

Marinated Mushrooms


Button Mushrooms, Capers, Green Olives, Red & Green Bell Peppers tossed in our House Vinaigrette Dressing with an added Dash of Black Pepper & Garlic.

Poppy Seed Vegetables


Crisp Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots tossed in a Sweet Poppy Seed Dressing.

Mixed Fruit Salad


Sweet Chunks of Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges, Red & Green Apples & Red Grapes.

Tomato & Artichoke Salad


Roma Tomatoes & Artichoke Hearts tossed with our House Vinaigrette.

Sandwich Board

All Maxine's Deli Sandwiches are served with chips and pickle spear. Maxine's sandwiches are served on your choice of: Wheatberry, Light Rye or White. French Bread & Croissant only $.75 extra. Add provolone, Baby Swiss or Cheddar Cheese for $.50 to any sandwich.

Finger Dessert

We can arrange and garnish with flowers our desserts on a dollied round for 20% extra. Everything we do at Maxine's is made from scratch with the absolute freshest and best quality ingredients we can find. ENJOY!

Lemon Bars








(12 to a bag) Cranberry Pistachio, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Chocolate Almond, Almond, Plus other flavors

Sugar Free Dessert


Dill Rolls


Mini Yeast Rolls


(Special Order Only) Please provide 72 hours notice.

More Delicious Desserts

Cake By The Slice

Our cake by the slice choices may change daily. Please call (812) 473.3663 to see what slices we have available.

Carrot Cake


Coconut Cake


Hazelnut Cake


w/raspberry filling & Frangelico buttercream icing.

Chocolate Cake


w/rum nut filling & rum buttercream icing.






We will gladly personalize your birthday or anniversary cake w/fresh flowers or that special someone's name, if given a days notice. Special Orders require a minimum of 4 days notice. Please book holiday and large orders well in advance. Our services are limited and we frequently fill up. Please call 812.473.3663 to cancel any order. You are responsible for paying for a special order that is not picked up, or not canceled in a timely fashion.


Soda Can


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Mt. Dew





Salads By The Pound

Chicken salads $8.00 per pound. Non-chicken salads $7.00 per pound.